kansas city auto detailing the finer details

The Finer Details

For Admirers Of Perfection


At KC Detailing we know how to properly treat the exterior of a car. You’ll be amazed at the technology and processes we have to make your car’s exterior look great for a long time. You’ll be hard pressed to find another Kansas City car detailing company that can offer the amount of services we offer and our levels of skill.

Wheels Off Detailing

Wheels Off Detailing Includes wheel barrels, break calipers, and fender well suspension detailing with ceramic coating applied to wheel barrels and break calipers.

Starting at $350

Paint Touch Up & Scratch Repair

auto detailing kansas city an engine

Engine Detailing

Iron decontamination and tar removal while car detailing

Iron Decontamination & Tar Removal

headlight restoration before and after

Headlight Restoration

7 Step Headlight Restoration

KC Detailling Offering Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Removal

Paint-less dent repair.


Let our Kansas City auto detailing company make your interior look better than ever. You’ll be amazed at what a professional’s touch can do to your leather, vinyl and glass. We only use the best of the best products for car interiors and cutting edge technology to do what the average detailer never could.

shampooing at our kansas city auto detailing company


Our Proven 7 Step Process is guaranteed to improve the look smell and feel of your vehicle.

stain removal by auto detailing kansas city

Stain Removal

This includes paint, blood, urine, liquids, food spills, and rotten matter.

kc detailing performing car odor removal

Odor Removal

We have had tremendous success with removing: sour milk smells, mold, smells, smoke, urine or anything else that maybe bothering you since of smell. Price is based on time spent on vehicle as every situation is different.

car detailing kansas city smoke and nicotine removal

Smoke & Nicotine Removal

Ozone Machine

Finished Product After Interior Car Detailing In Kansas City

Interior Plastic & Wood Trim Polishing

Interior wood grain, carbon fiber, or gloss plastics polishing.