Paint Correction Car Detailing Gallery Showing Swirl Removal

25 May How Do Kansas City Car Detailing Shops Do Paint Correction?

Paint Correction Car Detailing Gallery Showing Swirl RemovalIf you have begun to notice white lines on the surface of your vehicles paint  becoming more and more noticeable, especially when the sun reflects off the car’s surface, then you will want to consider having paint correction done on your car. A high quality Kansas City car detailing company will be able to repair this damage. To make sure you choose the right one, this article will help you understand how the process works.

Today, most vehicles have a clear coat which, when damaged. can cause unsightly lines especially when reflected by sunlight (the darker the paint, the more noticeable). The solution is referred to as paint correction, which can be done without removing underlying paint or the need to repaint the car. The process completely restores the beauty if done correctly. The problem is that many Kansas City car detailing shops simply fill the damaged areas in with a heavy synthetic wax and buff it to a fine shine.

This process looks beautiful at first, but just as soon as the wax wears away, the lines reappear. The reason is that they never actually removed the damage. The reason many shops choose this method is that proper paint correction takes considerable skill and the process can take up to 10 hours to perform correctly.

But when done right, it restores the clear coat back to its original beauty, and because the damage has actually been corrected, it does not return. To get this result requires the shop to remove the very top layer of the car’s clear coat (don’t worry, it’s plenty thick).

The majority of work is usually done by machine. It generally requires skilled technicians to perform the process properly. Done right however, it can completely transform the car. Scratches, hard water marks, fading and even damage from bird droppings can all be corrected.

Causes Of Damage

Vehicles have a lot of environmental challenges that can cause damage. Tar, certain car washes, poorly done home washing and polishing, bird droppings, grime and grit from the road are all among the many causes of this type of damage.

When this type of damage occurs, it can easily lead to our cars looking faded, dull and damaged. Our vehicle may otherwise be in great shape, but looks as if it is old and worn.

The Solution

In the great majority of situations the car can be returned to its former beauty. Today’s cars have on the bottom of the surface a primer coat. Next is the color coat, and then the clear-coat.

The process of paint correction removes the topmost layer of clear-coat, while keeping the color coat and primer coat intact. The clear-coat is plenty thick to have the very top layer removed (you can do paint correction many times on a car throughout the years if done properly).

To make sure you get a permanent result you should ask the shop if it uses true paint correction techniques, or if they are simply masking the problem with heavy synthetic wax which will wear away and again reveal the underlying damage.

You can have your car looking great by using a qualified paint correction specialist.