Kansas City Car Detailing Exterior Package

10 Nov Have Your Car Waxed From KC Detailing This Fall And Keep Rust Away

A rusty car is an eye sore to be sure. Rust not only ruins the look of your vehicle, but it also lowers the value of it. When winter comes and ice and snow litter the roads, salt trucks come out to try and take care of the problem. Unfortunately, that only speeds up the rusting process. So what can be done to prevent rust? Getting the right Kansas City car detailing can eliminate the problem altogether.

People who love cars hate rust. But they aren’t the only ones. You don’t have to be obsessed with your car to hate driving a rusty junker. Understanding exactly how a car rusts is the first part of finding out what you can do to stop it from ever happening. To get started, you have to know that the surface of your car can not rust. Because the surface of your car is actually a clear paint coat, and not metallic it can not rust. That clear coat is made up of polymers that can never rust in any way.

So where does the problem begin exactly? Particles get caught in the pores of the clear coat of paint on your car. Over time these corrode and weaken the paint, leaving the metal underneath susceptible to the elements. Some of the particles that get stuck are prone to rust, leaving the metal in the perfect conditions to rust out. Prevention is the only way to avoid this problem once and for all. Rust is not reversible, so it’s important to stop these particles before they wreak havoc on your paint job.

The solution is simple. Some annual visits to auto detailing shops in Kansas City could completely eradicate this problem. All you need is professional waxing. With the right wax, those pesky particles that start the entire rusting process to begin with are removed from the paint’s surface. A light polish is then used to remove the pores that trap particles and a synthetic wax seals the paint job for added protection. Routine waxes keep your vehicle looking great, help you retain a higher value if you ever do want to sell it, and prevent serious rust problems from ever becoming an issue.

The last thing you want is to have to perform expensive body repairs to a rusty vehicle. A simple routine visit to a detailer can change the course of your car’s history. With a fall wax, you can remove rust particles, smooth out any pores that are particle prone, and seal your car’s clear paint coat with a protective layer before the harsh winter months. Your car will look good, you will feel good, and you won’t have to spend a lot to have it that way.