El Camino After Kansas City Auto Detailing

20 Feb Identity Crisis Kansas City Auto Detailing

As a Kansas City auto detailing company, we get to detail a lot of interesting cars. The El Camino is one of those odd cars that can’t decide whether it is a car or a truck. Sure there was the Subaru Baja that sported a type of truck bed but no one would ever mistake that little hooptie for a truck. The El Camino on the other hand, is… well… American. It has a V8. It drives as loose and bumpy as a truck. It sucks down the gas like a truck. And, to top it off, it has a truck bed! When it comes to cars that suffer from identity crisis, the El Camino stands out as the king of it’s kind.

Beyond being in a perpetual state of identity crisis, this particular El Camino was looking dull and swirled up. In fact, the paint was so bad that this Kansas City auto detailing client was pondering a repaint. Before he was to send the poor misguided car off to the paint booth, he figured he would give our detailers a shot at restoring the paint. As you will see below, our Kansas City Auto Detailing crew did an amazing job.

El Camino After Kansas City Auto Detailing

The reflection after the Kansas City Auto Detailing was completed on this car was amazing!

El Camino Car Detailing Kansas City

Nice little reflection picture down the side of the car after the car detailing. Some interesting cars we detail here in Kansas City.

El Camino Car Detailing kansas City Overland Park Olathe KS

All finished detailing this Kansas City car. The Camino was looking pretty good. Even with all of it’s identity issues, this Camino was walking with it’s head high after our detail crew worked their magic. The finished product was amazing.

Kansas City Auto Detailing

Often times people don’t realize that paint that is swirled, scratched and dull can be repaired without repainting. However, damaged paint takes the touch of a high-end detailer. A lot of “wheel the car over real quick like” type Kansas City auto detailing shops will actually burn through and swirl up these types of paint jobs. Our auto detailing team makes it a top priority to use the least sever means on a car to yield the greatest results possible. What good is a shiny paint job if it is swirled and burned?

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