Finished Car Detailing Olathe KS

07 Feb 1939 Studebaker – Car Detailing Olathe KS

A call came in on our Olathe Auto Detailing phone. They were in need of a car detailing in Olathe KS. It was an owner of a large Olathe KS car collection. She told us that she had a few cars that were to be up for auction and needed them detailed. One of the cars was a 1939 Custom Studebaker. And boy was it custom. Shaved everything, smoothed bed, suicide doors, amazing engine bay, beautiful interior, slamed to the ground and a $30,000 custom paint job. After the Olathe Kansas car collection look at some of the Ferraris and Lamborghinis on our website that we’ve detailed here at our Olathe KS Auto Detailing company, she was comforted that we would be up to the auto detailing job. We were eager to get to work this particular day. And for good reason. As you can see just below, it was a really cool car. This is Car Detailing in Olathe KS at it’s best!

Our Olathe car detailing team sure is lucky.

Detailing and Cleaning the Engine

This Olathe car detailing included an engine detail.Washing the Car

With the Studebaker all washed up and ready to go, it was time for the real auto detailing to start. That is right, it was time to pull out the polisher.

Buffing and Polishing the Car

Buffing and Polishing the Studebaker

Polishing and Detailing a Car

With the car all polished and waxed, the auto detailing project on this car was finished. Here are some sweet pics of the results.

Clean and Detailed Studebaker

Car Cleaning and Detailing

Auto Detailing Project Finished

1939 Studebaker all Detailed

Finished Detailing the Car

This was one of our favorite Olathe KS auto detailing projects. It is unbelievable some of the cool car detailing projects we get out here in Olathe KS.

If you need any car detailing Olathe KS, make sure to get ahold of us.