Finished Ferrari Car Detailing Kansas City

26 Jan 348 Ferrari – Car Detailing Kansas City

A call came into the KC Detailing headquarters. The assignment was a 1991 Ferrari 348. Car detailing Kansas City can have its up and downs. This was an up day for our Kansas City auto detailing team. The customer was wanting his daily driven Ferrari to be detailed and polished. We set up the appointment.

Once we arrived we noticed a lot of dullness, swirls and damage from a former Kansas City auto detailing shop. This prancing horse was in major need of a compound and polish. We ended up locking him in on a Standard Detail with a Hybrid swirl and scratch removal. A very cold day Kansas City but it was just warm enough to keep the water from freezing during the detail.

The Kansas City auto detailing started with a good hand washing.

Auto Detailing a Red Ferrari

Time to detail the rims. They had a ton of brake dust on them. Did I mention, it was a cold day for car detailing in Kansas City.

Cleaning and Detailing Ferrari Wheels

The Ferrari getting a nice Kansas City Auto Detailing.

Suds on Red Ferrari Emblem During Car Wash

High-end Kansas City auto detailing is all about attention to details. Removing the plate on the car takes a couple minutes but allows the car detailer to get to all of the rear bumper with ease.

Removing License Plate For Car Detailing Project

Though we compounded the whole car with a PC, we did our finishing polish with a rotary at 1000-1200 rpm. Any Kansas City auto detailing company that throws their polishers on at 2500-5000rpm so they can “wheel over the car” really quick is going to damage your car and leave swirls all over it. A lot of This Ferrari was a great example of a Kansas City auto detailing company “wheeling over the car” really quick. A lot of the edges were burned past the red paint into the primer, the trim had buffer swirls and the paint was dangerously thin in some areas. There is no way around taking your time and detailing a car the right way.

Machine Polishing Ferrari Hood

The Ferrari was looking amazing by the time we were finished the with Kansas City car detailing project.

Ferrari Emblem After Auto Detailing

Looking great after the car detailing project. Lovin the Kansas City background here.

Red Ferrari Cleaned up and Detailed

Red Ferrari Auto Detail All Finished

Ferrari Car Detailing All Finished

This was a really fun Kansas City auto detailing project. Cool thing about this Ferrari is that is sees 15,000 miles a year. The owner likes to enjoy it. Now, he has a nicer newer one that he drives a whole lot less. You always have to respect someone who not only owns a Ferrari, or two in this case, but actually drives them on a regular basis.

If you owned a few Ferraris would you drive at least one of them on a regular basis or would you keep them locked in the garage to only pull out on special days? Make sure to enter the conversation by commenting below! This was a fun Kansas City auto detailing project.

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