After Overland Park Auto Detailing Super Bird

23 Jan Super Bird – Overland Park Auto Detailing

We get a Overland Park auto detailing calls to detail Acuras, BMWs, Mercedes, and even exotics like Ferraris and Lamborghinis but this is the first time we have been called upon to detail one of these cars. This is a Overland Park Kansas Plymouth Road Runner Super Bird and yes that rear wing is factory. You see, making your car look like a shopping cart started long before 10 foot wings were being installed on the trunks of Honda Civics. Let’s take a journey through the driveway and see what is in back. This was a fun Overland Park auto detailing.

Our Mobile Auto Detailing Van

The Overland Park car detailing crew hard at work getting this truck all cleaned up.

Truck Washing and Detailing

The truck was nice but theĀ surpriseĀ is back even further. Car detailing Overland Park KS at it’s best.

Cleaning and Detailing This Silver Truck

Here it is. That rare Plymouth Super Bird. This was the first time our Overland Park KS auto detailing team had been called upon to clean and detail one of these things. The whole crew did an amazing job.

Superbird Auto Detailing and Cleaning

Classic Car Detailing on a Road Runner

Detailing the Engine on This Car

Mobile Car Detailing Service

The Car After Detailing It

The Final Results After The Detailing Project

The whole Overland Park auto detailing project turned out great. He was very happy and so was his bird.

I wonder… do you think that the wing on back helps with high-speed handling performance?

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The Overland Park Auto Detailing crew really knows what they are doing. Get ahold of us for the best car detailing Overland Park KS you’ve ever had.