Overland Park Car Detailing Finished

21 Jan Thunderbird – Overland Park Auto Detailing

Our Overland Park auto detailing company got a call from a gentleman who owns two Thunderbirds. He wanted us to detail the engine to see how well it would clean up. If it couldn’t get clean enough, he was going to pull the engine and redo the whole bay. He figured he would give our Overland Park auto detailing a chance first though. I told him to stop by our Overland Park car detailing shop and we could take a look. Here it is being guarded by a couple of the KC Detailing vans.

Thunderbird At Our Overland Park Car Detailing Shop

It didn’t look to bad so we were pretty confident that the results would be beyond satisfactory. Our Overland Park auto detailing crew got right to work detailing this car.

Engine Cleaning on the Thunderbird

Isaac Detailing the Engine

The results were amazing. The KC Detailing crew did great. Car detailing Overland Park KS at it’s best.

Thunderbird Auto Detailing All Finished

The Overland Park car detailing client was beyond satisfied. He wasn’t expecting our car detailing team to be able to get his car looking as good as we did.

Thunderbird Detailing All Finished

Another great job by our Overland Park auto detailing team on this classic. The customer was extremely happy. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you.

This is his regular driver. His other Overland Park KS Thunderbird lives in a garage and is brought to car shows on a trailer. It was a really fun car to drive. Sure I only got to drive it from the front of our Overland Park auto detailing shop to the back but it was fun none the less. Very low to the ground.

Would you drive a car like this around the streets or would you lock it up in a garage only to bring out once or twice a year?

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