Kansas City Auto Detailing Hummer H1

17 Jan H1 Hummer – Car Detailing Kansas City

Another fun car detailing in Kansas City. Our auto detailing crew sure is spoiled.

Auto Detailing Project on Hummer H1 FinishedDo you remember the old Hummer? You know, the one that was used in wars. The one that you normally wouldn’t imagine a Kansas City auto detailing company touching. The Hummer that they made toys of that were cool and could blow up your other toys. It could conquer the desert, mountain or forest terrains. It could take up two lanes on the high-way. Requirements for driving one included chest hair, a knife strapped either on your leg or your hip, army boots and a good old arrogant patriotic get-er-done attitude. But things started to change. People started having the local Kansas City auto detailing company detail their H1. Some people wanted to drive them because they looked tuff. Some people needed a winter car to compliment their summer Ferrari. That’s when the H1 moved into the neighborhood.

Mobile Auto Detailing For A Client

As a Kansas City auto detailing company, we get to see our far share of vehicles. Fords to Ferraris we say. Car detailing in Kansas City throws us a lot of cool projects. Today I want to talk about the devolution of the hummer.

Once made for the rugid man, it is now purchased to make a man feel rugid. Now I’m not saying that is a bad thing. I would personally love to drive one around. It just is what it is.

Mobile Car Detailing H1 For a Client

But then another thing happened. As the H1 became popular for the common man, the common man wanted to make the Hummer, well, suburban. You started seeing more Kansas City auto detailing shops detailing them. The neighbors started getting jealous. That’s when a new Hummer moved into the neighborhood. In fact, the first new design for the populace was made with Chevy Suburban suspension components. But, it didn’t end there. The Hummer was stripped down to an even lighter chasis with the introduction of the H3. The car basically sits on the same frame as the GM Colorado pick-up frame. Below you can see that it is definitely the baby sister of the H1 at best.

Car Detailing Hummer H3 For A Customer

The H3 is to the H1 what the classic VW Bug is to the Porsche. It shares a few similarities but it is a different animal all together. But, don’t think I’m bashing it at all. In fact, I would cruise one around without having to put on a mask to hide my face. They actually look pretty cool. And, if you have a good looking BMW M6 for it to hang out with in your front driveway, it really does turn heads. Plus, car detailing Kansas City was happy that we were able to help clean these bad boys.

M6 and H3 After Auto Detailing is Finished

Definitely cool but not the same. Like apples and oranges.

Detailing a Hummer H3 For a Client

Auto Detailing Project on Hummer H1 Finished

What do you think. Would you rather cruise the H1 or the H3? Do you think the H2 and H3 are worthy to sport the name Hummer?

Our Kansas City car detailing team loved this H1. Car Detailing in Kansas City is really fun.