Kansas City Auto Detail Porsche Job

14 Jan ReensportKC Porsche – Auto Detailing Kansas City

We get to meet a lot of cool people auto detailing in Kansas City. The KC Detailing team has been getting a lot of business from the Porsche Club of Kansas City. Word got around to Karl of RennsportKC. RennsportKC is hands down the best mechanic shop in all of Kansas City to bring your Porsche to. Any thing from classics to 2050 models, RennsportKC is the place to bring your Porsche.

Karl is the one in the Orange.

Karl gave our Kansas City auto detailing team a call a couple months back to have us detail a Porsche that he had been working on for one of his clients. This car was in major need of an auto detail, exfoliation, compound, polish and wax. The paint was bad, really bad. The car had been stored outdoors in Kansas City for several years. It is hard to tell how much of a transformation was had after the Kansas City auto detailing by just looking at the pictures but it was massive. The paint near felt like rubbing your hand across sandpaper before the exfoliation process.

This only gives a dim picture of how swirled and dulled up the Porsche was:

Auto Detailing Swirl Repair in Kansas City

Before we started this car detailing in Kansas City, we taped off a panel to do a 50/50 test. The top half of the picture shows the damage before buffing. The bottom half is an example of a one pass compound job.

Detailing and Buffing a Porsche 911 in Kansas City

As you can see, one pass with a compound made a massive difference. We could have gone 100% but the owner wasn’t wanting to pay for us to do a 20 hour Kansas City auto detailing project on the car. He did have us perform a little automotive paint touch up because the car had some primer deep chips and scratches in a few areas. The color match on the car was perfect.

Here is a 50/50 pic. The whole car looked dulled, faded and swirled. One pass compound followed up by a polish brought the life back.

John and Isaac Car Detailing a Porsche 911 in KC

After testing  several pads, compounds and polishes, we found some pretty good combos. Just a note, a good Kansas City auto detailer knows how to adjust to each and every detailing situation. Not every car’s paint will react the same. In fact, temperature,  humidity and other factors can change what combinations will be successful. With the right combo in hand, the KC Detailing team got to buffing the car.

Mobile Car Detailing at ReenSportKC in Kansas City

Even though the goal of this Kansas City auto detailing project was not 100% perfection, the crew easily got a 90%. The car had been repainted in multiple areas and the swirls and scratches in some areas were dangerously deep so we had to be careful. One of the major differences between a mediocre car detailing company and a great one is having a value of preserving the integrity of the paint. Get the best results possible with the least severe means necessary.

Final Polish for The Porsche Car Detailing

Jonathan Polishing The Porsche

Wheels were pretty damaged but the whole project turned out great for a daily driver.

Finished Porsche Car Detailing Project

Karl and the Porsche owner were very happy with the results and have since been mentioning the KC Detailing name. Our crew gets a lot of calls from Porsche owners in KC. Auto detailing Kansas City has it’s perks.

Big thanks to RennsportKC. Thanks for the referrals guys. Keep up the good work!

Make sure to get ahold of RennsportKC for all of your Porsche needs. Karl offers a pre-purchase inspection service for Porsches. He will even hop on an airplane for the right price and inspect an out of state Porsche for you before you buy it. Porsches are known to be reliable cars. However, there are a few things, such as bad compression, that can cost a fortune to fix.

If you are looking for auto detailing Kansas City, make sure to get in touch with us.