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10 Jan Swirls? – North Kansas City Auto Detailing

This Honda Ridgeline got covered in stucco overspray. The owner quickly brought it to the wash so it would not dry on the car itself. He knew that the car would get swirled but calling a detailer to fix the swirls is cheaper than having them do a full on stucco overspray removal auto detailing. A north Kansas City auto detailing project was needed. This is what the damage looked like:

Before Auto Detailing on Ridgeline in KCMO

The North Kansas City auto detailing crew got the car washed and exfoliated. It was time to compound and polish. As you are about to see, the KC Detailing crew rose to this swirl challenge. After finding the perfect pads, compound and polish, the results were stunning. He wasn’t wanting to pay for perfection but I guarantee that this paint looks better than when it rolled out of the car dealership.

Buff and Polish Car Detail in Kansas City Missouri

Look at the hood reflection. This car looked better after we were done detailing it than when it was new. The gloss was amazing. Just look at it! Car detailing in North Kansas City at it’s finest.

Hood Reflection After KC Detailing Car Detail

All done

Ridgeline After Buffing and Polishing Detail

Even though it is a bummer that this north KCMO auto detailing client swirled up his car, the end result is that he has one of the best looking Honda Ridgeline paint jobs in the region! Worked out well in the end. He was extremely happy with the auto detail.

Let me make a quick comment. KC Detailing removes swirls. We don’t do what the other 99.9% of north Kansas City auto detailing shops do and use compound wax that temporarily hides swirls. What you see when we are done is what you get. And believe me, you get A LOT from our team.

What would you have done if you got a bunch of stucco overspray? Would you have taken the car to the auto wash or just let it dry on there and fix it?

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