07 Jan 3 Ways To Deal With Automotive Rock Paint Chips

No matter how hard we all try, our cars get nasty rock chips from time to time. What do you do with them though? There are three options that you have to choose from.

Rock Paint Chips on Acura RSX Hood

  1. You can just let it be. Like the song. Well I’m not sure if that is even a song reference but it sure sounds like it. Some people don’t mind having the rock chips on their hood. Be careful though. If you don’t seal up the chips on your car there is a high risk that rust will start to form and then your paint will start to flake off.
  2. You can have the auto body shop repaint your car for $500+ a panel. If you want it perfect, this may be the way to go. But, body shops rarely pull off a job that you are 100% satisfied with. I’ve only seen a satisfactory job a few times in my life. Plus your looking at $500 or more per panel.
  3. You can have a professional fill in your chips using a rock chip paint touch up system. Whether you have deep scratches, hundreds of micro chips or you just have 10 chips you want fixed, paint touch up might be for you. Paint touch up normally runs a minimum of $50 and maxes out at $200. And that is for the whole car.
Now that we’ve biasedly explained your three options for dealing with the chip and scratch damage on your car, let me explain how KC Detailing offers a great solution. Bellow, one of our car detailers did a one hour touch up job for an infiniti. If you notice, he isn’t using a paint brush to fill in the chips, he is using a needle. This improves texture differences. Though not perfect, using the proper chemicals so the paint can fit into the thin needle and then using the needle bottle to fill in the chip, the results are a thousand times better than you will get with the standard brush that comes with the touch up paint from the dealership.
Kansas City Automotive Paint Touch Up Service

There was three chips but now there is only two.

Kansas City Automotive Touch Up Paint

This looks a lot easier than it is but once you get a steady and guided hand, the results are great.

Auto Rock Chip Paint Repair in Kansas City

Looking very good! It is hard to see in the picture but there is a little texture difference. A whole lot less than when people use a brush and glob it onto the car.

Rock Chip and Paint Chip Repair For Cars

The owner of this car had probably about 30 little chips like these all round her car. For $100 we filled them all in. Now that is a great bang for your buck.

Now let’s talk color matching. Buying a “color matched” paint bottle at the car parts store or the auto dealership rarely matches your paint. There are a lot of reason for it not matching but I’ll just say that even though it is the same car with the same paint code you rarely get the same exact color of paint. It is important to use a color matching system so you are matching the touch up color to the actual car color.

Automotive Paint Touch Up Kit and Tools

Here we have one of the detailers fixing a few chips for one of the Kansas City Porsche Club guys. It was a really hard color match but turned out near perfect.

Rock Chip Repair and Touch Up Services in Kansas City

And one last. Isaac rocking the flamed out Ford Lightening!

Rock Chip Paint Touch Up & Repair

What would you go with? Do you think it is worth it to pay the body shop the $500+ per panel or would you rather spend $100 for your whole car?

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