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03 Jan Flat Black Bentley – Car Detailing Olathe KS

Car detailing in Olathe KS isn’t always fun, but, sometimes it’s a blast! This flat black Bentley was a really fun Olathe auto detailing project.

While it is true that flat black and carbon fiber wraps can look really cool, it is also true that car wraps, especially the textured carbon fiber ones like on this Bentley, scratch and scuff very easily. Some people love the Batman type look on their cars. Looks cool and stealthy. If not properly taken care of though, flat black can make a car take a turn for the worse. Proper washing and drying is an absolute must. Our Olathe auto detailing team was up for the challenge.

Car Detailing Olathe KS

Make sure to use a good care soap and hand wash it well. After that, make sure that you only use an auto detailing specific microfiber drying towel to dry the car. Microfiber is all that that we use for car detailing in Olathe KS.

Auto Detailing Olathe KS

As long as you know what you are doing and are very careful, flat black is a cool color to have on your car. This Bentley definitely turns heads everywhere it goes. I mean, look at it! What a cool Olathe KS auto detailing project. Looks so good.

Bentley After Olathe KS Car Detailing

Olathe KS Auto Detailing Project

The interior is pretty amazing on this Bentley as well but that is another post for another day. Our Olathe auto detailing team made the interior look amazing though. No greasy surface dressing.

Car Detailing Olathe KS

What do you think about this Olathe KS car detailing project? I know our detailing team had a blast.

If you are in need of car detailing Olathe KS, go ahead and give us a call.