MLB All Star Game Auto Detailing Kansas City

31 Dec KC Detailing Cleans Trucks For 2012 MLB All Star Game Parade

I know, I know. Old news right? Well… kinda… but it’s cool old news! Plus, as the year ends this was a cool little event that stuck out in my mind to recap. Hope that you enjoy! And remember, join in the conversation by leaving your comments at the end of the blog.

75 trucks to wash, 300 tires to shine, 450 windows to clean, 4 detailers and only 6 hours to get it all done. That’s right, KC Detailing was chosen to wash the 75 trucks that the players rode in for the MLB All Star Game Parade. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Man were we moving fast!

Kansas City 2012 MLB All Star Game Parade

Let’s take a look at what we are working with.

Mobile Car Wash in Kansas City for All Star Game Parade Trucks

Starting Car Wash on The First Trucks

Mobile Car Washing in Kansas City

75 Trucks to Car Wash in Kansas City MO

Van ready to go!

The KC Detailing Mobile Detailing Vehicle

All Star Game Parade Mobile Car Washing

The crew working hard!!!

That is a lot of tires to shine.

Clean, locked, loaded and ready to go!!!

Looking good

That was a blast. We all booked it and made those things shine. Half way through washing all of the trucks they had a bomb threat so we had to stop for about 15 minutes. Still got them done in time. However, there was only about 10 minutes to spare. Cut that one close!

Did you make it to the parade? If so, your probably noticed how amazing all of the trucks looked!

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