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26 Dec 4 Keys To Detailing Custom Car Wheels

Detailing custom wheels is easier said than done. The coatings easily stain, the paint easily flakes, the details can take a ridicules amount of time and so on. After you’ve detailed a set of custom 3-piece rims, any factory car wheel, no matter how dirty, is a cake walk. So what are our 4 Keys To Detailing Custom Car Wheels you ask?

White Porsche White Wheel Close Up After Detail

  • 1. The Proper Chemical: use a wheel cleaner that is safe. No acid-based wheel cleaners, no harsh degreasers or pretty much any other wheel cleaner you will get at the local store. You always want to use the least severe means because custom car wheels will often stain or bleach very easily.
First Step For Benz Wheel Detailing
  • 2. The Proper Tools: make sure you are using very soft car detailing brushes. For some reason most custom rims, even the most expensive aftermarket wheels, easily scratch, chip and flake. Make sure your detailing brushes aren’t scratching the coating.
Second Step For Benz Wheel Detailing
  • 3. The Proper Technique: make sure you are gentle. As mentioned above, aftermarket rims just don’t have the quality build that factor car rims do. Be gentle.

Benz Wheel Detail Project Process

  • 4. The Proper Patience: as you can see below, these custom pieces of aluminium that are strapped onto the four corners of your car are extremely detailed. They can take forever to get all of the little nuts and bolts. Being patient is absolutely essential when it comes to detailing custom car wheels.
Mercedes Benz After Wheel Cleaning

Auto detailing all finished. Great Looking car!

Benz Auto Detailing Finished Results

Now that we’ve discussed the 4 Keys, let’s look at a few cool pictures of some of the custom wheels our team has had the pleasure to get our hands on.

Red rims on a Red 458?

Red Rimmed Red Ferrari After Car Detailing

Love the way that these two look:

White Rover and Porsche After Car Detailing

White Rover and Porsche After Auto Detailing Job

Orange Escalade? It was custom painted to match his orange Lamborghini. Definitely turns heads

Orange Escalade Wheel Car Detailing

Orange Escalade After Detail Job

A little Hummer H1 action. What do you think about black wheels on this?

Hummer H1 Custom Wheel Detailing Project

A couple custom trucks that we’ve detailed.

Black F250 Custom Rims After Car Cleaning Job

Custom Wheels on Ford F250 After Car Detail

One of our regular Overland Park auto detailing customer’s custom TL.

Custom Black TL after Car Detailing Project

My personal favorite CTS-V coupe.

Red CTS-V Wheels After Car Detailing Job

Red CTS-V After Auto Detailing Job

Love the color match on this blue corvette. A regular auto detailing client of ours.

Blue Corvette Wheels After Detailing Job

So you may or may not like the custom painted buffalos on this 1939 Studebaker but the car is awesome. Hands down awesome.

Classic Wheel Car Detailing on 1939 Hot Rod

What do you think about color matching rims to the car’s paint?

Blue Bentley After Complete Car Wheel Detailing

These are pretty styling and well fit rims for this Mercedes-Benz. Polished and tastefully sized.

Black Mercedes Rear Wheel After Detailing

Black Mercedes After Car Detailing Process

Let’s end where we started off. The custom orange wheels for an orange Lamborghini.

Orange Lamborghini Wheels after Auto Detailing

What do you think about custom wheels? Do you have any tricks or tips that you use to keep your wheels cleaned? Make sure to comment and enter the conversation.

Also, let us know if you have any Kansas City auto detailing needs.