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24 Dec Bumper Repair – Car Detailing Kansas City

Car detailing in Kansas City is full of new challenges. We had a call come in from a customer wanting to know if we could buff a few scratches out. I told her to stop on by. When she got to our Kansas City auto detailing shop, it was a little more than a few scratches. What she had was very noticeable. Jonathan had just the strategy and became the days life saver. Or car saver….

Jonathan, the detailer, quickly got on the job and tested a few products. Luckily, most of the black stuff you see wasn’t damage. It was rubber from the tire that rubbed against the rear bumper. We had everything that we needed in our Kansas City car detailing building.

With the right Kansas City auto detailing products it was almost effortless to repair this rear bumper.

Jonathan did a great job and made quick work of it. Our auto detailing staff rocks.

Finishing up the rear bumper, you can see that there was a few deep scratches that were left after the car detail to wide to repair with our paint touch up service. Time to get the chemical washed off.

The final results before and after:

Look, we are a Kansas City auto detailing company. Not an automotive paint shop. But hey, not bad for car detailing in Kansas City! Even though there was two deep scratches, the quick car detail Jonathan did cost a fraction of the price that an automotive body shop would have charged to repair the bumper.

What do you think? Would you spend the $600 to fix the rear bumper all the way or would you have been fine with a quick repair for $40?

If you are interested in our Car Detailing Kansas City services, go ahead and get in touch with us.