911 5050 Overland Park Auto Detailing

21 Dec Porsche 911 – Overland Park Auto Detailing

This Porsche owner connected with our Overland Park auto detailing company. He had just purchased this 97 Porsche 911 from Jersey and was in a hurry to get it ready for a Kansas City Porsche Club car show. Our Overland Park auto detailing team was to quick to get him in. As soon as the Porsche showed up to our shop, we realized we had a lot of work ahead of us and that it was going to be a long night.

The whole car was in major need of a restorative auto detailing.

Heavy 911 Swirl Damage on Door Before Buffing

Swirled Up 911 Hood Before Car Detailing Project

Heavily Damaged 911 Rear Quarter Panel Before Detail

After testing several auto detailing pads with a dual action polisher, we arrived at a great combo. A lot of people have asked us if we wet sanded. Looking at the results below you might think that we did. We used a dual action with the proper compounding pad and compound to remove the damage. As you can see below, it was a transformation:

Favorite 50/50 Car Detailing Image Out There

Very Dull 911 Rear Quarter 5050 Detailing

911 5050 on Front Door After Buffing

All done. This auto detailing project was about 12 labor hours from start to finish. The results were stunning:

High Shine 911 Rear Quarter After Detailing

High Gloss 911 Rear Quarter After Detailing

911 Headlight and Gloss After Detailing Project

Carrera S Emblem after auto detailing

We had a couple Porsches hanging out with us during the final photos:

A Pair Of Detailed Porsches After Car Detailing Job

A Pair Of Detailed Porsches After The Car Detailing Project

The results were amazing. Let me just say something about Porsche paint here though. Porsche paint is odd. You might try a pad and compound combo and it looks like it is working amazing until you change angles. Then you realize that it is a bad combo. It takes a lot of testing, different lighting and multiple angles to get a great result. Our Overland Park auto detailing team understands this very well.

After all of the compounding was finished we made sure to give it a great machine polish and topped it with our $200 Fuzion Wax. The customer was beyond happy with his whole experience here.

Fuzion Auto Detailing Wax

Side note: I can neither confirm nor deny if the Porsche owner and I had some triple digit fun in his pair of Porsches the next day.

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