2013 Kansas City Auto Detailing Promo Video with Todd

19 Dec 2013 Kansas City Auto Detailing Promo

For 2013 we are making a new promo video for Kansas City auto detailing. We are working with Todd Davidson Photography. Between our KC Detailing crew and Todd’s, we had a great team and with Todd’s personality we really had a lot of fun. Car Detailing Kansas City, here we come.

2013 KC Detailing Car Detailing Promo Video Set

As you can see above, we got a little Kansas City auto detailing footage in our shop working on this Porsche. But we wanted to go beyond the walls of our detailing shop.

Setting Up For KC Detailing Promo Video With Todd Davidson

So, we needed to connect with one of our mobile auto detailing clients. We called up a great weekly customer of ours, Lynn, who was more than happy to help out with the testimonial section of our promo video. She did great. Our Kansas City auto detailing clients are the best.

2013 KC Detailing Auto Detailing Promo At Lynn's House

The Kansas City auto detailing van was in good company sitting in the drive way with the Bentley and the Mercedes. Lynn did an amazing job.

2013 KC Detailing Promo Video Car Detailing in Overland Park

Then we connected with LBA to showcase our commercial detailing division. We clean the 50+ vehicles that they have. They’ve been using us for car detailing in Kansas City for some time now.

Promo Video At LBA For Commercial Auto Detailing

And finally, we went to a Kansas City car detail customer of ours that had us out to do a $1500 detailing job on his Porsche and a $800 job on his wife’s Mercedes. His Porsche probably has the most flawless and glossy Porsche paint jobs on a daily driver in the region. It looks amazing.

Shoot Auto Detailing Promo For KC Detailing at Roberts

We are really excited to get this Kansas City auto detailing promo video finished up and look forward to everyone getting to watch it.

Give us your input. What do you think a great auto detailing promo video should have? Comment below.

Todd Davidson Photo is one of the top Kansas City photographers. Give him a call for any photo or video needs.