29 Aug Different Hand Washing Systems

Almost everyone knows that hand washing your car is the best way to get your car clean. But not every hand wash system was created equal. In fact, a lot of hand washing systems will cause damage to that precious car of yours. Let’s talk about a few of the main systems that are being used to hand wash cars in the auto detailing world today.

Currently, there is a new way that some auto detailing shops are claiming to offer hand washing with only water and a drying towel. These car detailing shops will spray the car down with water and then just dry it with the towel. Though it is a major time saver, this system will scratch your car.

Some people like to go to the self serve car wash with their wash mitt and professional auto detailing drying towel. They spray the car with the soap water, wipe down the car with the wash mitt, rinse the car and then dry it with the auto detailing drying towel. This is a good system but you need to make sure to rinse the wash mitt regularly during the car wash.

One cool way auto detailers are washing cars now is with an auto detailing soap foamer. The goal here is to cover the car with soap foam, wipe it down with a wash mitt and then rinse the car off. As long as a rinse bucket is being used to keep the mitt clean and a good professional auto detailing drying towel is being used to dry the car, this is a great system.
The most well known hand washing system is to get a bucket of water, some car soap, a wash mitt and a bath towel or shammy. This system isn’t awful but you want to make sure to use a soft mitt, good car wash soap and a microfiber drying towel. There is an even better way though.

The best way to hand wash your car is by using a two bucket system. This takes your standard hose and a bucket system mentioned above to the next level. One bucket is for fresh soapy water while the other bucket is for rinsing. Dip your mitt in the soapy bucket, wipe down a section, rinse your mitt in the rinse bucket, dip your newly cleaned mitt in the soapy water, clean the next section and repeat until the car is done.

Some people use a combination of the auto detailing foam gun and the two bucket system. It actually works very well. Presoak using the auto detailing foam gun and then finish using the two-bucket system. This is a great system but only needs to be used for really dirty cars.

Those are the most common hand washing systems being used. A truly professional auto detailing company will use the two-bucket system. If you like keeping your car clean and would like to minimize the chance of inducing swirls into your paint, make sure that you, or the car detailing company you will be going with, uses the ideal two-bucket system.

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