31 May Interior Car Care

Kansas City Car DetailingMost of us spend a lot of quality time in our cars. We’re in them on our way to work and back, on every errand, every date and every trip. We eat, drink and sometimes nap in them. With that much living in such a small space we’re bound to leave our cars a little dirtier each time. For many auto owners that new car feeling slips away with time.

You can always go to an auto detailing shop to remedy your dirty interior problem, but why spend a pretty penny more often than you need? You don’t have to be a professional auto detailer to keep your car looking and feeling new. All you need is a little motivation and some insight from the professionals.

We’ve learned over the years while auto detailing in Kansas City that the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings true in the auto detailing world. We’d like to share several simple things car owners can do to keep up on their car’s interior.

Our first tip is easier said than done. Keep garbage and clutter out of your car. It builds up, fills every compartment and eventually breaks down into smaller garbage. What’s worse is that once the garbage begins to build there’s a psychoiological conundrum that occurs. You feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, get overwhelmed and eventually give up. Once that happens it’s all downhill from there. This is car detailing 101.

Our second tip is quick, simple and marvelous. Every couple weeks take the time to go over the surfaces of your car’s interior to remove any dust and buildup. Dust plus water equals mud and crud. No need to sigh in agony. It’ll be more than worth your time to spend 5-10 minutes every couple weeks giving everything a quick wipe down.

Our third tip is far from daunting yet always neglected by auto owners. Think of it this way. Do you have a carpeted doorway at home? Probably not since it would immediately get very dirty. However, that’s exactly what happens in our cars.

Year round every Kansas City resident brings in dirt, salt, leaves and rocks as they get in and out of their cars. Rubber matts help, but you’ll eventually need a good shampoo.

Prolong your carpet’s life with the almighty hand held vacuum. There’s no need to lug out a full sized shop vac. Just bring out the dust buster every week or so and give your carpets and seats a quick vac.

Our fourth and final tip is will be sure to keep your car’s interior looking good between auto detailing visits. Our final tip is to follow through with our first three.

Follow these simple guidelines and your car’s interior will stay cleaner for longer. Sit in your car and give a relaxing sigh instead of feeling overwhelmed by dirtiness. Maintenance without procrastination is quick and easy if you do your part.