09 May The F12 Berlinetta: Power and Flow

Car Detailing near Kansas City

Auto detailing comes in seasons. So, apparently, do supercar releases. Namely, they congregate in a single season, the Geneva Auto Show. It’s the biggest new car show of the year, and the bonkers Aventador J already debuted there. The show happens to coincide with the Kansas City Auto Show, but that’s beside the point, because that was best defined as “lame” this year. Ferrari showed up, but one car they didn’t bring to Kansas City, Missouri was the F12 Berlinetta, their newest super car. If you see one in Kansas City, let us know, because we’d love to detail it. Here’s why:

Ferrari wants us to call their new wonder the F12berlinetta, rammed together like the first bit of a website. But that’s a detail we’ll go ahead and choose to forget. Something we won’t forget so quickly is the engine. The mill is a detail we wouldn’t quite be able to grasp from an auto detailing job, even though we already know a few things about it. We know, for example, that it’s a 6.3 liter V12, and that it makes 730 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. And we know that it turns the F12 into the most powerful road going Ferrari ever built.

You’ll want to come to a dead stop at every on-ramp, because this car can get from 0 to 62 mph, or 100 kph, in an unheard of 3.1 seconds. All that power is routed through a very clever F1 dual clutch seven speed transmission. And for when you get to the end of that on ramp and find a collection of coagulated traffic, it has carbon ceramic brakes. Let every detailer now join together for
a collective sigh. Sometimes auto detailing just isn’t enough.

And we haven’t even gotten to the looks yet. It may be enough to say that if you end up owning one, you’ll have auto detailing services on speed dial, because it is, frankly, beautiful. As a whole, it’s not entirely unique. The face looks like a much less family friendly version of the one on the FF. But then the F12 Berlinetta isn’t family friendly by any stretch of the imagination. It only has two seats. But the grille area isn’t the visual feature you’ll really notice about this car.

It’s the unique flying buttresses behind the headlights. Ferrari insists that these gaps assist with downforce and aerodynamics and such, and they’re happy to show you some very nice wind tunnel shots of white smoke running through them before it slips handily over the F12’s stylish shoulder grooves. Apparently, it’s science! All this detailer knows is that this aero-hero-combo is

The F12 Berlinetta is truly a work of art, and if one ends up in your garage this year, you’ll certainly need a detailer. Or perhaps we’re only working on biased assumption there. Perhaps the dust and dirt won’t even be able to catch you. With that V12 under the hood, we rather doubt anything will.