02 May J is for Just Unbelievable

Car Detailing Kansas CityAuto detailing can be tough. Several factors can complicate a detail job. Among them is the car’s roof,

especially if the car doesn’t have one. Now, Kansas City Missouri is not a uniseasonal place. Winter shows up, and Kansas City is a pretty wet locale anyway. They call us the City of Fountains, after all.

So it might not be the best place for Lamborghini’s latest car, revealed a several weeks ago at the Geneva Auto Show. We’ve seen the awesome Aventador down to its last beautiful detail. We’ve gazed on the Nakiri knife edges and we’ve listened to that glorious V12 make music like some supernatural
thunderstorm conducted by Handel.

But we’ve never seen it like this. The Aventador J is open to the sky. But it’s not a convertible, because it doesn’t have a roof at all. Not in the trunk, not in your garage. And if you fashioned one, you might have trouble attaching it, because the car lacks a windshield, too. It has a pair of little glass bug deflectors where the windshield once was, these bisected by the mad, angular stalk of a rearview
mirror. It matches the door mirrors, which look even less mentally stable and more inclined to make you shorter if you’re nearby and not paying attention.

But that would be rather difficult, because the overall effect of this new light-on-glass wonder is precisely unforgettable. Look at it for an instant and you’ll memorize its ever detail, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be done with it. In fact, it might not be done with you. You’ll find yourself staring at it until the detailer shows up, and even then you’ll have trouble doing anything else.

The beauty just goes on. From the tail emerges a double goose-neck wing, which will probably be quite functional, since the Aventador crushes you to the seat with about 700 hpo and almost as much torque. The carbon fiber cowl for that monarchical engine extends down to divide the cockpit in two, as in some vehicle you might have rolled down a plastic, orange track as a child.