11 Feb The Acura NSX: Forgotten Roads

Even as Overland Park’s top auto detailing shop, at KC Detailing, we don’t see too many Hondas or Acuras among our performance car customers. Other than the brilliant S2000, Honda has mostly stayed away from rear-wheel-drive, high performance, and super-cars. Of course, they’ve always been very reliable, the Civics, Accords, and TLs, but Honda hasn’t made so much that might require the one, two and three thousand dollar detailing services. This wasn’t always the case.

Honda once made a super-car: the NSX. We know it here in the States as an Acura, but that company doesn’t really seem to exist in the rest of the world. So in 1990, they got the Honda NSX, and we got the Acura NSX. This was something that might require car detailing, indeed. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for twenty to thirty hour auto detailing projects to take place on the old and beloved Honda super-car. The V6 was in the middle and it could get to 60 in 5 seconds, faster than a Ferrari 348. The braking system allowed the car to come to an immediate halt. This did make for a lot of brake dust, which definitely added to the time it took to detail the car. It enjoyed a strong running of 15 years, but was discontinued in 2005. We thought we had seen the last of the Acura NSX.

But now, Acura has a new one. Straight away, it looks very cool, something a car detailing expert would willingly spend Christmas cleaning. Aside from the still goofy Acura beak, it presents quite a picture. Yet underneath lies a detail you might rather not see. Instead of a sharp-tuned V6, it has a hybrid powertrain. Yes, the Insight people set up shop at the track. It’s not RWD, either, but AWD. Worst of all, they’ve replaced the six-speed manual with a flappy paddle auto box.

No, it’s not the original. All appearances indicate a bankruptcy of soul, a pedestal for the politically correct. But we still hope we get to see one here in Overland Park, KS. Honda is capable of soul. They just need to look to the past.