18 Nov The Skin of Your Car

Paint: The Skin of Your Car


Just like your skin, your auto paint is organic.  In fact, it has pores just like your skin.  The pores get clogged with contaminants and they will not be removed by simply washing your car.  Even if you do a very good job cleaning your car, they are still left clogged. The standard issues can be from industrial fall out, acid rain and minerals from water.  However, there are a lot of other possibilities.  The minerals from rain and un-purified water will go a step further and actually etch into the surface. That is where auto detailing comes in.  Though 99% of the shops in Kansas City do not use this process, a truly professional detailer always will. There are two stages involved in the removal of those contaminants.  If you do not decontaminate the your paint before you wax, wax will actually cause damage and seal the minerals in.  Proper hand washing and decontamination is vital to maintain the skin of your car.

So what do you do? Well, glad you asked.

That is where professional auto detailing comes in.  Though 99% of the detail shops in Kansas City do not use the process necessary to remove these damaging issues, a truly professional detailer always will.  But don’t worry, there are some Kansas City auto detailing companies that will go through the arguas yet rewarding process.  Still haven’t answered your question fully yet?  Do you want to know what each stage is and how it actually helps that auto of your?  Since you must know, here are the two stages.

  • The first stage to detailing the car and getting it ready to receive the wax will be to clean out these pores.  There is a specific product used in the auto detailing industry by all of the worlds best detailers.  The product is called a clay bar.  The clay bar is a soft clay that you glide over the surface.  As the clay glides over the trouble areas, it will grab the dirt from the paint and leave your auto’s surface very smooth.  You will be shocked to find that even new cars are in desperate need of this.  Take a look at our Before And After auto detailing pictures to see how dirty the clay bar gets.  In fact, the black SUV in that picture was a fairly new car.  All of the dirt on the clay that you see in the picture is from clay bar detailing just one door.
    • *Note: This is a very careful process and you can damage your paint if you do not know what you are doing.  However, there is enough information out there that if you really want to learn how to clay bar your own car you will be able to yield great results.
  • The second stage is called a pre wax cleaner.  The pre-wax cleaner picks up where the clay left off. Again, there are not a whole lot of Kansas City auto detailing companies that will do this process.  So what does the pre-wax cleaner do?  Glad you asked! The pre-wax cleaner cleans every thing that is left.  Such as the light lubricant that is left from the clay bar process and the oils from your hand that may have found their way onto the car from the clay bar process.
  • What you are essentially doing is preparing your car’s paint to receive the wax.  With nothing in your pores and nothing on the surface, the paint is unhindered to make the perfect bond.  So why is that important?  It is very important when you think about the durability of the wax, the gloss level and the longevity of your car’s paint.  If an auto detailing company tells you they are using a six month synthetic wax but they are not going through this process, you are really getting about a month or two out of that six month wax.  If they tell you it is a two month wax, you can expect three weeks out of the detail. The results that come from not going through this process that you are locking the contamination into your pores and diminishing the durability of the wax.  In so doing, you will actually cause damage over an extended period of time.

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