17 Nov The 411 On Auto Leather

The 411 On Auto Leather

There are few things in life like brand new soft and supple leather.  The smell, the feel, the look…  it is a thing of beauty.  Billions of dollars are spent every year on skin care products, yet barely anyone thinks about taking care of the skin in their car.  Leather is skin but it is skin that no longer produces its own oils.  Your auto leather is depending on you detailing it to keep it soft and supple.

Your leather was a living membrane at one time. The tanning process prevents decomposition by infusing preservative chemicals into the oil glands, and then fatliquoring (injecting oils and fats into) the hide to replace natural oils that were lost. While fatliquoring keeps the leather soft for quite some time, it is not permanent.  Make sure to use a high quality auto detailing leather conditioner because there are many leather conditioners out there that will cause long term damage to your leather.  We have done extensive research to insure that our company is only using the best leather conditioning products available.

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