14 Nov KC Detailing Launches New Air Division

KC Detailing Launches New Air Division

The Overland Park based auto detailing company, KC Detailing, has officially announced the launching of their new Air Division services. The company, which often caters to high-end and exotic cars in the Kansas City area, has opened their doors to clean anything from “jets and piston-poppers to helicopters.” Owner Tim Dodd explains why the company has decided to venture into the world of aircraft; “We had clients keep telling us they couldn’t find anyone to detail their planes like we were doing with their cars. We saw the need and decided to seize the opportunity.” Finally, after months of preparation, KC Detailing’s Air Division is ready to hit the ground running.

It may be something most people don’t think about, but it’s something every pilot and aircraft owner knows first hand – the more your plane is out of the hangar the dirtier it gets. There’s no way around it. How dirty can a plane get? You’d know if you had one. On the outside bugs, exhaust, grease, dirt and oxidation will tarnish the beauty of every aircraft over time. On the inside leather fades, carpets get stained and odors increase. As innovative as mankind is, we still haven’t built a plane that cleans itself. Somebody’s got to do it – and chances are the owner doesn’t have the time. Procrastination is an unaffordable habit with such a valuable investment. If the wear and tear is not addressed on a regular basis the aircraft owner can lose significant value in their investment. The old saying rings true, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you’re not so great at thinking long term, a more immediate incentive for aircraft owners is the all important “self image.” Would you want to show off a dirty plane? Fly your clients and employees on stained seats in your multimillion dollar jet? Most likely not.

One common complaint among aircraft owners is that their usual detailers are often booked months in advance or not answering their phones. This often happens because many aircraft cleaners work with a crew of one. That may be a problem if you need your jet detailed by the end of the week. KC Detailing’s new Air Division provides a fully trained team to do a quick turn on your aircraft. No delays. No worries.

Whatever the reasons for detailing your plane, KC Detailing’s Air Division will save you time and make your life easier. From full interior and exterior detail packages to a la carte opportunities you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for. Aircraft owners will be especially excited to hear that Air Division is offering scheduled detailing programs with discounted prices and priority scheduling. And the best part – they’ll let you put together a tailor made package that’s just right for you.

Kansas City aircraft owners – there’s a new airplane, jet and helicopter detailing company in town.