01 Nov Kansas City Auto Detailing Company Hosts Fundraiser to End Modern Slavery

Kansas City Auto Detailing Company Hosts Fundraiser to End Modern Slavery

Kansas City auto detailing company KC Detailing is helping raise awareness of modern day slavery. “Being in business is more than making money,” comments owner Tim Dodd, “it’s about using what you have to help people.” Though by and large unspoken of in American society, modern slavery is still very prevalent in many countries today – including America. Different forms of prostitution, child soldiers and forced labor are all part of a global multimillion dollar industry plaguing millions of people across the earth. And it is growing every day.

KC Detailing decided they had the means to make an impact on modern day slavery and used what they had to help. To raise awareness and contribute to the ending of slavery KC Detailing partnered with local Kansas City non-profit organization Exodus Cry by providing the manpower, equipment and product for a fundraiser event. The Overland Park Kansas based company, which specializes in detailing automotive, boats, RV’s and aircraft in the Kansas City area hosted a car wash fundraiser in south Overland Park October 22-23. Utilizing their mobile auto detailing services a fully equipped car wash was set up in the parking lot of Culver’s restaurant at 135th st. and Antioch. Car owners could have their auto’s interior, exterior or both detailed on the spot by a professional crew and their equipment – all for a good cause.

To man the event many of KC Detailing’s staff, including owner Tim Dodd, spent their weekend volunteering at the event. However, the bulk of manpower came from more than thirty others who volunteered their time to help raise funds. Spirits were high early Saturday morning as crew leader Melody Powell gave a crash course in auto detailing to the new crew of volunteers. In a matter of hours the volunteer crew was utilizing KC Detailing’s professional equipment and the best products available to provide excellent on the spot service.

Those passing by along with a handful of KC Detailing’s regular clients pulled in to Culver’s to enjoy a full service wash and clean. Participants were able to sit down and enjoy the sunny afternoon while their cars were hand washed and dried, tires were dressed and their interior was cleaned and vacuumed. To top off the experience they could rest assured that every penny would go to a good cause. “You don’t think about it that much,” says KC Detailing employee Isaac Anderson “but just two years ago there was a huge human trafficking ring busted right here in Kansas City. We really are making an impact.”

When all was said and done, much more was accomplished than detailing a long line of cars. Every participant – both volunteer and patron – was reminded of the very real and unspoken problem of modern day slavery. Relationships were made between participants from Exodus Cry and those who shared similar passion to end human trafficking. And of course, money was raised to help those in need. Participants will likely never see the faces of those they endeavored to help. Yet somewhere, someone will reap the benefit of the work done those afternoons.

KC Detailing hopes to utilize it’s fully equipped mobile auto detailing services for many more fundraising events in the future. The company provides high-end work to many luxury cars in the Kansas City area including Overland Park, Leawood, and Hallbrook. They’ll also take care of your boat, RV or personal jet. But that won’t stop them from getting down and dirty with some genuine volunteers for a good cause.