Press Pause On Your New Car’s Gloss – New Car Auto Detailing

$600 to $1000*

Are you thinking about getting the dealerships “Five Year Paint Protection”?  Read the small print.  They are selling you a single coat synthetic or teflon  wax job, giving you a container of the wax, telling you to wax your car with it twice a year, charging you $600, and calling it a “Five Year Protection”.  That is a pretty expensive auto detailing. Now, some dealerships allow you to come in to have them reapply it for you.  They may also tell you that it is basically like getting a free wash and detail every six months.  Without going into detail here, that is not the full truth.  Plus, do you really want to spend the time every six months waiting around for them to reapply the teflon?

With us, you are getting full surface preparation with three layers of our Secret Coat, which is harder than the paint itself.  The hardness of the this special product will increase your scratch protection by 50%.  And with its anti-static properties, your vehicle will clean up much better and will need a car wash less frequently because contaminates and dirt will have trouble bonding to your surface.  For the most part, you will be able to pressure wash your car off without soap, rinse with the pure spot-free water, then just drive away and your done.  Your wheels will receive the same attention to detail so brake dust will not cling to the wheels like they did before.  The wheels will simply pressure wash off like the rest of your car will.  Note that you are not supposed to hand dry your car unless you wash your it with soap because the little amount of dirt that remains after a rinse wash may induce micro scratches on the protection.

  • Complete hand wash with exfoliation
  • One-stage polish to increase gloss
  • One layer of our secret new car coating
  • 24 plus months or protection if maintained and properly washed.  We can no guarantee the longevity of this product because improper maintenance will decrease the durability.  However, we will inform you of the very easy do’s and don’ts.
  • Less money spent at the car wash because you will not need to clean your car as frequently.
  • This high-gloss protectant is like pressing pause on your paint job for 24 months.  Because you are pressing pause, as it were, we highly suggest that you upgrade to a two or three stage compound and polish before the application.  The upgrade is not required but will make a massive difference in the quality and gloss that your car has over the next two years.

Though it is not required for the two year durability of your car’s new coating, you might as well have us out every three months to a year and get a very in-depth cleaning and detailing.  Some people have us maintain their cars as often as once a week.  You will receive 10-50% off each of your following details if you schedule while we are detailing your car.  Plus, if properly maintained by us, you can get up to three years out of your initial investment.

Used cars can also be serviced at an additional cost.

*Our auto detailing prices are based upon the size and type of your car.